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Adapco Oilfield Services Ltd in collaboration with our technical partner, is a leading provider of onshore and offshore surface preparation, surface protection services and specialist cleaning services involving ultra high pressure UHP hydro-blasting, coating, insulation, fireproofing, deploying where necessary specialist access systems involving rope access system and scaffolding. All our systems take into consideration environmental protection. Our expert service also covers both traditional abrasive and high pressure hydro-blasting.

Our surface preparation and protection services are:

  • High Pressure (HP) and Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Hydro-blasting
  • Corrosion survey and risk assessment
  • Corrosion control in Process systems
  • Protection coating and relocating
  • Plant and tank cleaning
  • Pipeline and storage tank maintenance

Offshore Surface Preparation/Protection Using High Pressure (HP) and Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Hydro-blasting - Ultrabar 10E UHP Offshore Unit.
The Offshore Oil & Gas & Marine industries adopted UHP water jetting as the preferred method of coatings removal / surface preparation some time ago & until now have tolerated the use of sometimes oversized / overpowered units that take up too much deck space and consume too much water on the basis that the benefits outweighed the drawbacks.

Hughes Pumps identified the need for a compact, limited power UHP unit designed specifically for this industry & the Ultrabar 10E UHP Offshore Unit was born.  Developing 8.5 lpm at 2100 bar (1.9 igpm at 30,500 psi), mounted in a compact EN12079 offshore crashframe & fitted with a 37 kW (50 hp) Zone 1 or 2 electric motor suitable for use from a 63 amp socket. This unit has been extensively trialled in the North Sea, UK on various gas platforms & on a variety of riding crew projects over the last year & has been extremely well received.

Ideal for spot blasting & general surface preparation, this unit is probably the most compact & user friendly UHP unit available on the market. Our range of pumps are capable of discharge pressures upto 2750 bar (40,000 psi) & flow rates to 773 lpm (170 igpm / 205 usgpm) with ratings from 30 kW (40 hp) to 375 kW (500 hp).

   Our Services
* Advanced Training & Process Consulting Solutions
* System Controls, Automation & Commissioning
* Inspection Services
* Rope Access

Wellhead & Valve Maintenance


Blasting and Painting (Surface Preparation and Coating)


Automated Tank Cleaning & Oil Recovery


Microbial Prospecting for Oil & Gas & Microbial Improved Oil Recovery


Oil & Gas Technical Manpower Recruitment, Training & Staffing Specialist


Electrical Engineering & Process Control Instrumentation Installation


Procurement Services & Contractual Support


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