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We specialize in supply and installation of process control instrumentation products and electrical products. We undertake the following in the electrical fields in both the Hazardous and non-hazardous environment.

  • General refurbishment of electrical installations in production platform and rigs
  • Installation of switch gear and controls
  • Upstream Process Systems and Process Control & Instrumentation Engineering/Offshore Process Mechanical & Piping Engineering
  • Refurbishment flow lines, onshore/offshore process facilities and other rotating equipment electrical or mechanical
  • Design of control system packages for your company needs to save your plant downtime and ultimately increasing your production.
  • Provision of AutoCAD drawings services for your existing systems and electrical wiring diagram. This will allow you to know shutdown requirements and save time and manpower during maintenance
  • Installation of transformers, distribution and control panels
  • Laying of steel conduits and cable trays
  • Laying of cables for lighting, switching and controls for Navigation
  • Maintenance of same in an existing installation
  • Maintenance of Motor control centers in switch gears
  • Installation and Maintenance of 3 phase induction and squirrel cage motors, etc
  • Calibration of relays, Solenoids in generators
  • Installation and maintenance of Cathodic protection in above-ground and under-ground pipes and vessels using magnesium oxide as sacrificial anodes or other modern technologies in use.
  • We provide extensive services in Process control, instrumentation and electrical fields
  • Provision of AutoCAD drawings services for existing systems and electrical wiring diagram. This will allow you to know shutdown requirements and save time and manpower during maintenance.
  • Installation and maintenance of differential pressure gauges, temperature and pressure transmitters on delivery and flow lines.
  • Installation of instrument and control panels, annunciator panels, etc
  • Installation and maintenance of differential pressure gauge pressure and temperature, transmitters, on delivery and flows lines
  • Recorders, controllers on metering skids
  • Fire detection and alarm synchronizing system
  • Telemeter equipment, solenoids, relays
  • Calibration and recalibration of instruments
  • Supply of valves and accessories.


   Our Services
* Advanced Training & Process Consulting Solutions
* System Controls, Automation & Commissioning
* Inspection Services
* Rope Access

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