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Adapco Oilfield Services Ltd is an experienced, independent wellhead and valve maintenance service provider specializing in routine preventive maintenance programs and non-routine maintenance, repair and refurbishment of a range of pressure control equipment such as wellheads, Christmas trees, valves, actuators and associated control and monitoring equipment including “health care” and “total valve management” program.

Adapco has a track record in wellhead and valve maintenance operations in all capacity either in provision of its services or its product supply such as;

  • Flush
  • Lubricant
  • Sealant

Our wellhead maintenance services operations are categorized into the following:

  • Routine Wellhead Maintenance Service Operation (First-line WHM)
  • Non-Routine Wellhead Maintenance Service Operation (Second-Line WHM)
  • Wellhead Maintenance Support Operations

Wellhead Maintenance Service System:
Adapco Oilfield Services Ltd has a wellhead & ball valve maintenance system. The objective of the system is to provide and/or improve:

  • Accountability
  •  Traceability
  •  Cost Savings
  •  Safety Awareness
  •  Wellhead Integrity
   Our Services
* Advanced Training & Process Consulting Solutions
* System Controls, Automation & Commissioning
* Inspection Services
* Rope Access

Wellhead & Valve Maintenance


Blasting and Painting (Surface Preparation and Coating)


Automated Tank Cleaning & Oil Recovery


Microbial Prospecting for Oil & Gas & Microbial Improved Oil Recovery


Oil & Gas Technical Manpower Recruitment, Training & Staffing Specialist


Electrical Engineering & Process Control Instrumentation Installation


Procurement Services & Contractual Support


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