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Automated Tank Cleaning and Oil Recovery

Automated Tank Cleaning and Oil Recovery

Adapco Oilfield Services Ltd in partnership with Oreco A/S of Denmark provides automated, non-man entry systems that can help you clean your aboveground oil storage tanks and recover waste oil using the MoClean® system within the oil and petrochemical industries. Our MoClean® system is a mobile, self-powered, integrated process specifically designed to clean small and medium sized white oil product tanks such as Gasoline, Diesel oil, Kerosene/jet fuel, Edible oils, Chemicals/petrochemicals etc. with tank capacity up to 30,000 m (Up to 186,000 bbl) and tank diameter Up to 35 m (Up to 115 ft).

It is a fully automated non-man entry system, which means you clean your tanks in a fraction of the time required by manual methods. The process can even be operated by a single person. Your staffs do not need to enter the tanks during cleaning. Compared to manual cleaning techniques, MoClean® cleans tanks safer, faster and in a more environment-friendly way.

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